Events at Temple

1. Pradakshina

Devotees does pradakshina to the samadhi of Shri Nampally baba. There are so many instances where people with troubles in personal life,professional life etc got relieved from their troubles or sufferings by doing the pradakshinas to baba samadhi. There is no specific number one has to do, but usually people do 108 pradakshinas. It is not the count, but the faith and devotion with which the pradakshinas are done.
 2. Paarayana

Apart from this devotees do parayana inside baba samadhi mandir. Baba himself has given assurance to his devotees, that “whoever does parayana of Sri Gurucharitra in my presence, he will be blessed with guru darshana and guru grace”. It is also a known fact that the results for parayana done at various locations is as such. If a person does parayana in his home, the result will be normal. If the same parayana is done in a temple,the result will be tenfold, and if the same is done on the banks of a river, it will be hundred fold, and if the same is done in the presence of a sadguru, the result will be thousandfold. Such is the greatness of the sadguru, that the results done for the parayana will be immediately graced upon the person doing the parayana. So it is good for those who are visiting baba samadhi mandir, to plan in such a way that they do parayana of the guru charitra (may be of Sri Guru or their own Guru) in the samadhi mandir.

3.Cigarette Lighting

Then there are people who offer cigarettes to baba. When baba used to be in his physical form, he used to smoke cigarettes. It is devotees experience that he never accepted the food or cigarette from everyone whoever comes to him, but in case if he accepts either food or cigarette from some devotee, then his problem or trouble or suffering would usually get solved. It is the strong belief of devotees that baba smokes their cigarette and their problem gets solved. It is also astonishing that if one lights the cigarette and places in front of baba, the cigarette automatically burns out as if some person is smoking the cigarette. Someone may get doubt what kind of baba is this, who smokes a cigarette?. But to experience one has to visit and see for themselves. It is not only troubles or sufferings, even if one is facing any sort of difficulties in their spiritual progress they can definitely get the solution if one visits baba samadhi. The results of visiting baba samadhi depends entirely on the person and the faith with which he or she visits.


Shri Saibaba used to encourage people coming to him to attend aarti, and it is custom to perform 4 times aarti in Shri Saibaba mandirs. And participating in a group performing aarti, slowly the devotion develops in the person. It is the same at Shri Nampally Baba Samadhi Mandir. Here also aarti is performed 4 times in a day. One can feel the divinity and bliss, if one attends the aarti in the presence of baba. One has to experience it and words are less to describe it.

5.Satyanarayana Swamy Vratham

Baba used to make all the devotees whoever come to him to perform satyanarayana swamy vratham in his presence. The same is being continued even after baba taking samadhi. Every pournima or full moon day this vratham is being conducted and devotees come in large numbers and participate in this event` and get the blessings of Baba.


Annadanam or feeding (animals,humans etc) is the greatest act which all the datta avatars have encouraged whoever came to them. Every living being will have hunger, some may ask and some may not be able to ask. So it is the responsibility of those who have enough to share with those who are not that fortunate. And this is the easiest path to get the grace of guru, because it is the guru who is in all the forms. So one can perform feeding at the samadhi mandir to get the grace of Baba.

7.Coconut Offering to Dhuni

When SaiBaba was in his physical form at shirdi, one day a devotee asked him, Baba, what is the significance of dhuni, and baba answered him that “Whoever offers a coconut to dhuni, his bad karma will burnt out which has been acting as an obstruction in his prosperity”. We can see that the dhuni which had been lit by baba in Shirdi is continuously burning till date. And the udi coming from the dhuni is acting as a magical potion which cures the devotees of so many ailments and other problems. After Baba Maha Samadhi also, Sri Sivanesan Swami, who devoted his entire life in Baba Seva, encouraged so many people coming to shirdi to offer a coconut to dhuni. So people visiting this shrine is better to offer a coconut at this dhuni as Nampally Baba is none other than Shirdi Saibaba for all those who believe and had experienced it.